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I write about things that pique my interest, things that I'm learning, thinking about, working on, or just frequently-asked questions. Some of my posts may or may not be related to technology/software at all, but I hope you find them interesting regardless. I am trying to write a lot more often these days and when I do, I try to share them on Twitter as well but you can subscribe to the RSS feed or JSONFeed to find & read new articles in your favorite reader.

No newline at the end of file

You ran `git status` and got this weird diff at the end that read "No newline at the end of file" and now the reviewer is telling you to fix it, let's take a closer look.

My Stack.

Things I use, will use and probably will continue to use.

A gleamy exploration

I found this new programming language with the soul of Erlang's fault-tolerant concurrent runtime and the body of the type-safe, fast & highly beloved Rust, you know I just had to try it out.

What about Reda?

So, let's talk about Reda...


An argument about arguments...


What went wrong?

Good Enough

You probably know a lot about the impostor syndrome, but this article isn't really about it. Sorry to steer you in the wrong direction. This is about not being good enough, but also not what you expect.


Even if I have no idea what exactly i'm talking about, I hope you like the read! just keep in mind that the natural order is disorder. yes, that was an avatar quote.