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Hiya! I am Ayodeji, a software developer, your friendly Neovim enjoyer and a software engineering student somewhere in England. I am constantly learning and very keen on crafting the type of software experience I'd like to use and you can fall in love with - performant, intuitive, real-time, local-first and out of your way. I am a big fan of statically-typed compiled languages, PHP and the BEAM but I frequently (have to) dabble in other things too. I write here from time to time and I also stream infrequently on Twitch.

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No newline at the end of file

You ran `git status` and got this weird diff at the end that read "No newline at the end of file" and now the reviewer is telling you to fix it, let's take a closer look.

My Stack.

Things I use, will use and probably will continue to use.

A gleamy exploration

I found this new programming language with the soul of Erlang's fault-tolerant concurrent runtime and the body of the type-safe, fast & highly beloved Rust, you know I just had to try it out.

What about Reda?

So, let's talk about Reda...


An argument about arguments...

Featured projects


A fast and lightweight static file server (and more in the future)


Generate Typescript types from Go types during runtime (previously known as Gots)


A minimal and fast PHP framework for the modern web


A demo JSON explorer in Gleam and HTMX


Vanity URL service for Go modules e.g.